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The UK State & Domestic Politics
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Fire tragedy
public sector pay
Inheritance surcharge for care
local government
May's ideological monomania risks everything
The British Constitution
Burst the buy-to-let bubble
Should Corbyn go?
Brexit turmoil: who's in 'control' now?
The Conservative Party
Austerity failed
London's Laundering
British National Housing Trust.
Facts, balance and perspective in the Immigration Issue
A Federalist United Kingdom
Ed Miliband and the right
RIP Tony Benn
Democracy in the 21st century
A word on Comrade Ralph
The House of Patronage
Left Unity
Just who are the 'mad swivel-eyed loons'?
The menace of UKIP
Margaret Thatcher RIP
Left Unity
Creeping feminisim
Will anyone here miss David Miliband?
You can't turn the clock back even by social engineering
Does anyone give a toss what Liam Fox thinks?
UK Trade Union Membership
Support your Local Sheriff ?
No representation without taxation...
Police move against anti DWP campaigners
TUC March Against Austerity
Is David Cameron a legitimate Prime Minister ?
Sold into Slavery by Osborne's Cronies
One Nation Under Ed
Learning to love the liberals
Race, Gender and Class
Faster Pussy Cat, Kill, Kill
Good News Only
Communitarianism and Freedom
Boris Johnson Watch
What does being a radical mean (any more)?
Labour must rediscover its Marxist roots.
Cameron Watch
Speed traps on the Road to Serfdom
The Co-operative Bill
A salute to George's indefatigability
Labour Left group
English Parliament?
The changing relationship between Labour and the trade union
Putting those responsible for the crash on trial
The Olympic Games
National Health Service Bill
Wanted-A Campaign for Real Labour
British National Debt
Plan B and beyond
How to survive the Tories
Honours System which rewards both the venal & sycophant
Oh Maggie
State funeral for Margaret Thatcher
The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition
Dickensian Britain 2012
August 2011 UK Riots
Cameron's war on employment rights
Banks and UKs top earners - its a wonderful life ?
LRC Watch
Youth Unemployment Rises Above One Million .
Stephen Lawrence - another trial
Baroness Uddin
Do you wear a poppy with pride
Its the Jon and Tony Show
Ugly Tory Sleaze
Occupy London
Theresa's Cat - why the Tories can't be trusted on Rights
Blair Watch
Project - Global Spaces
Does the Government need a Plan B
Forms of privatisation
What do comrades think ?
The rich is getting richer
Britain is an Incipient Fascist State
Freedom of Speech
Trade Unions
From Tribune- The Orange Book Lib Dems
Tottenham Riots
James Purnell and the Welfare State
Chilcot and War Crimes
US default on sovereign debt
Do we need Feminist Labour ?
A Free and Diverse Press
We need to regain our class loyalty and class pride.
UK Welfare Reform modelled on US welfare to work.
The E.D.L.
The Great Recession and the Deficit
Greek Bailout
The U Turn Government.
World's richest 1% own 40% of all wealth, UN report discover
Defence spending.
Government and Unemployment.
Who will replace Ed Miliband ??
Us Old Geezers
The truth about Labour's debt ?
The Americanisation of Great Britain
Owen Jones on Class
Vince Cable lectures unions
A bit more hate please
A Phony diversion or a return to authentic 'Labour values'?
Isle of Wight
How can Labour be reclaimed?
Towards an end to sectarianism on the Left.
The Royal Wedding
Primogeniture and the struggle for socialist democracy.
The Local Elections
The life and times of David Cameron.
Fight The Cuts Bust The Myths
Toxic Bankers.
Where is the Labour Party now heading ?
The Fool Escalator
How do I respond to a LibDem news-sheet?
Should we Return the Rock ?
The other referendum
The voting referendum
Freelance socialists should offer an alternative strategy.
What's going on in't Barnsley ?
Compass watch
Recreational activities for MPs.
Localism - is over
Household Debt
The extremist assault on Public Services by the Coalition
Demand Labour Party apologise for supporting Dictators
Revolutionary Fervour
Voluntary ? Organisations
Factionalism, youth and the swp
Social Liberal Forum
The Repressive UK State
Boris Johnson
No, Ivette Cooper isnt the Answer Either !!
Free Speech
Maybe New Labour Has Vanished After All ?!
The New shadow cabinet
Agency workers and Exploitation
The Tory Conference
Ed Miliband's Victory and the Backlash
Call for Cruddas' Resignation as Compass PLP Representative
Struggle to reclaim the Labour Party
From Social Democracy to Socialist Democracy
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