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Manchester and the sources of terror
Donald Trump and the failing American Dream
The rise of the European Far Right
Turkish bombing
Support the Kurdish struggle
The plight of China's Uighurs
United Nations
Rojava: a democratic and egalitarian oasis in the M. East?
Anti-semitism is racism - but what about Zionism?
The rise and fall of the German economic model?
The Horseman rides - Ebola
The changing Middle East
The new BRICS bank
India's new direction
Was Turkey behind Syrian Sarin Gas Attack?
The battle for Ukraine
Syriza and social democracy
Nelson Mandela in Perspective
'Muscular soft power' and the Scramble for Africa
Update on Libya - another failed "humanitarian" in
Vladimir Putin's op-ed in the New York Times
US suppressing investigation of responsiblity for gas attack
Jimmy Carter says America not democratic
The French malaise
Currency wars: will the dollar be successfully challenged?
US Russian agreement on Syria
The new Pope and sympathy for the Fascists
European Referendum
Revolutionary Defiance in Quebec
Referendum on EU and new EU Treaty?
The crisis in Europe
Adventures on Facebook
Imperialism's Crimes
IMF the great neo-liberaliser
Norman Finkelstein: Resolving the Israel-Palestine Conflict
The Falklands,Again
Is socialism possible in other universes ?
The West and Iran
Britain's new year resolution: intervene in Somalia .
North Korea
Putin Accepts Nomination For President
Libya Watch
UK military steps up plans for Iran attack.
Down Oz
Revealed~the capitalist net work that runs the world.
The Libya Debate
Try anarchism ?
Vassal States of the American Imperium
Norway's tragedy, racism and zionism
German hypocrisy regarding war, arm sales and profiteering
International fight against racist Imperialism
The Shift in World Power
Rebellion in Greece; chance of default
Italy and the Left
Justice delayed - Ratko Mladic
The War You Don't See
Latin America is the Lung for the Global Left
The Middle East- Does the BBC have a bias towards Israel ?
Osama's Posthumous Victory?
Was Strauss-Khan 'set up'?
Hopes for Democracy in Africa and the Middle East
The International Monetary Fund
some harmony
Should the West leave Afghanistan now ?
How American Foreign Policy is Determined by Oil
Hopes for Democracy in Africa
Land Profiteering and the Global Economy
Other world views.
The reality of revolution.
Middle East Reader
Learn more about Europe
America and the World
War Profiteering and the Middle East
Another US Clampdown on Civil Liberties Resisted
The American Nightmare
Attempted Coup in Ecuador
There is no Ground Zero Mosque
In Praise of Cardinal Keith O'Brien
The Libyan Scapegoat
Remember Iraq?
China's fragile economy and US business interests
Obama's Health Reform
Britain's Imperialist Past & Present
Why did the USA (and Tony Blair) invade Iraq ?
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